04 September 2016

Rex the Traveling Dog

Yesterday, as my siblings and I went strolling about the neighborhood park, our loud dog was unusually quiet. Cautiously easing forward on his paws, he gently strained the leash, tugging us forward. As we wandered around the dense shrubbery, a friendly, smiling face greeted us.

As our dog encircled the unfamiliar form, his silent prowling had ceased, and he burst into a series of growls and barks that echoed across the park. As my siblings attempted to calm our dog, I examined the plastic figure more carefully, noticing the detailed waves in the fur of the dog. My eyes soon wandered to the letter tied to the soft collar of the dog. Slowly untying the knot and unfolding the letter, my eyes darted across the paper, scanning the surprising contents of the letter.

According to the note, the dog is Rex the Traveling Dog, and he has ventured across the United States and visited many cities and states.

As my siblings pored over the note beside me, although we were tempted to bring the plastic dog to our house, we ultimately decided to move the figure to a more obvious location and snap a few pictures.

Although this post did not involve any of my personal writing, this post does prove that writing is everywhere (including attached to the collars of plastic dogs hidden at the park).

To close, here side-by-side pictures of Rex and my real dog: