07 June 2016

The Meaning of Scrībentia - (Pillar Post)

Scrībentia, the name of this blog, is a Latin term that directly translates into English as "the writing things". This name was chosen because although I am especially appreciative of classical literature; I am also fascinated by the Latin language. Thus, as a high school student, I am developing this interest through enrollment in a successive Latin course. However, this appreciation for classical literature translates to my own writing, as I  aspire to represent the sophistication of classical literature within personal composition. The posts that I publish and draft will be relevant and interesting, centralizing the themes of writing and creativity. In addition to detailed posts, I hope to include complementing visuals that I will originally produce and display. Valē, and thank you for your interest in this blog and in reading this post.
(Scrībentia written in detailed calligraphy)


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