02 July 2016

Comics, Comics, and Comics

I apologize for not posting this entire week, (mainly because I was occupied with a new obsession) - comic books! Comic books consist of sequential panels that represent the consecutive scenes of a graphic narrative. Many panels also contain word balloons that represent the dialogue exchanged between characters. However, uninterested in physically collecting comics, I purged the library for the few graphic novels they had, and unhesitatingly requested an abundance of accompanying graphic novels. 

Although I've only been reading superhero comic books, I've realized that these graphic novels are not only entertaining, but helpful in writing and creativity as well. This is especially true because regardless of the characters' variety, the characters are intricately connected in ways that could not be explained in either traditional novels or movies. Also, because comic books are narrated solely through dialogue, I've noticed that even within the past week, the dialogue within my writing has become more authentic and original. Comic books also differ from customary literature in that descriptions are unnecessary, because engaging images illustrate sequences of action without explanation.

Full of inspiration from reading comic books during the previous week, I was excited to create my own original comic strip! (No, this comic strip does not include the action, supernatural abilities, or entertainment of superhero comics.)

(And yes, I am aware that this comic strip is not remotely amusing, but it's the best I could come up with.) My concluding perspective on comic books is that if you are in need of inspiration or entertainment, comic books are a great option. They not only improve creative writing, especially dialogue, but they are also enjoyable - detailing the heroic exploits of superheroes and their companions.

My final words of encouragement:
in you writing abilities


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