15 July 2016

Push and Poll

Hey all! I'm letting you know that this post isn't about me or my experiences, but about you and your preferences. Here is the rundown: I've realized, (like many others), that Scribentia is a snooze button name for a blog (including a writing blog.) Thus, I've compiled a list of names, (and by that I mean only two). I would be very grateful if you took the time to vote at the poll below and decide between the two names I've configured. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment below, I accept all recommendations and ideas.

This poll will remain active until I say so, (which means I have no idea when I will close it).

Here are the choices (so far):

Takes One to Noll One - This blog title is identical to the common phrase "takes one to know one", except I swapped in my list name. Easy to remember and straightforward? I think so.

Noll and Void - I'm especially intrigued by the opportunities posed by this blog title, because my tagline would be: Noll and Void - anything but. (Let's face it, that's also easy to remember and it's mildly humorous - which is a great combination.)

Scribentia - Sometimes, you have to stick with the classics. Although this name is the "same old, same old", if you like this blog title vote for it below. However, the purpose of this post and the corresponding poll was to find a new title for my blog.

Suggestions - If you think that your idea is a really good one, like I said before, I would love to hear it! Simply post in the comment below.

If you submit an answer to the poll, (that's right, as in clicking a button), leave a link to your blog in the comments and I will personally subscribe to your blog and comment on the most recent post or a post of your choice. Thank you in advance for all suggestions and answers submitted to the poll below!

What should the new title of my blog be?

Takes One to Noll One
Noll and Void
Sage Quotes


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