21 July 2016

Just. Write. It.

Today, July 21st, is Just Write Day. Although a somewhat underground occasion, thanks to the writers and editors of a new creative writing magazine for teens, Just Write Day has become a much more involved occasion.

The magazine I am referring to is the British Illustrated Chronicle, (BIC), an inventive and informative literary magazine that features original flash fiction, comic strips, and short stories centralizing the theme, (in my own words), "writing over typing". Furthermore, the literary magazine is entirely created by hand. The content of the magazine is inventive and informative, but even more so I the creative layout and design of the publication. Custom, artistic fonts vary the style of the headers, complemented by unique borders and designs.

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Although the British Illustrated Chronicle has their own tagline and logo, I decided to create one of my own. (Just for fun, of course.) I mean, why "Just do it", when you can "Just write it"?

Here's what makes the British Illustrated Chronicle so interesting:

Typing? Never.
Rather than slapping their fingers across keyboards for hours each week to draft and edit articles for the B.I.C, each page, each paragraph, each sentence, and each word was painstakingly copied onto paper by hand - even as severe hand cramps settled.

Digital Imaging? Don't Mention it.
Instead, each contributor the magazine was depicted in a colorful caricature and added to creating the welcoming introductory pages of the chronicle. Furthermore, all depictions are original artwork created by the editors and contributors of the magazine.

Computer Generated Fonts? (I'm looking at you Times New Roman) Definitely not.
Although the text of the magazine is written by hand itself, the headers above this text is also originally handwritten. The header of each article is unique, featuring varying color schemes and styles. Though the final headers were stunning, I guarantee that it required a boatload of effort and practice (that's probably why I don't use hand-drawn, custom fonts).

Bottom line, if you're looking for quality entertainment that doesn't directly (and indirectly) involve electronics or anything digital, take a look at the British Illustrated Chronicle website and check out their new magazine!


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